Thursday, April 14, 2011

Download Latest Free Antivirus ARTAV

Download the latest Antivirus ARTAV - A name that recently intensively discussed by many parties, especially the Internet-literate. Is ARTAV it? This is a new local antivirus constrained by native Indonesian junior high school boy named Arrival and sister named taufik from bandung. Arrival and Taufik Combined name that is the embryo of the latest local antirus named it by name ARTAV Antivirus.
If previously there may be a local antivirus that is also made by school-age children, namely SMADAV that offers some kelebihanya. Then, whether the features and advantages possessed by ARTAV this antivirus? Here's the answer:download the latest antivirus artav
ARTAV Features:Realtime Protection, Anti-Hacker, Mail Scanner, USB Protected and Link Scanner,

Improvements in version 2.6:
Name-Change Internet Security to Norton Antivirus
Detect False-Improvement by Foreign Antivirus
Feature-Elimination Registry Tweak and Sound Warning
Online Update-Improvement
Addition of 47-Type Virus
-Improved Heuristic vbs

Complete Report-Form (Scanned Files, Files Detected and Cleaned File)
-Change Main Display
-100% Compatible Windows 7
You can download the latest antivirus artav through the following link ARTAV. As of this writing the latest update is version 2.6. Henceforth there may be the latest updates and you can update it directly without looking for the download link again by pressing the "update now" which is on the top right.
To install to a computer can be done by following these steps:
1. ARTAV first download the latest antivirus updates through the link above.2. Then install3. If you see the words like "ARTAV is already run in your system" point your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, then locate the picture icon Artav, right click select Open Interface.4. With these measures it is ready artav used to scan viruses naughty and stubborn in your computer.5. When you do not see the image icon artav, it is necessary to restart the computer and then point your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, then you will find it.
It's more advanced technology is also very easy to make a virus created by a layman though. So there's no harm in using more than one antivirus while not clashing with each other. And the latest antivirus software Free download artav this could be one of the alternatives because quite powerful to eradicate the virus locally and beyond.

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