Saturday, April 9, 2011

Free Download Avira Latest 2011

This time I will share about the latest free download avira 2011. Latest Avira is one of the free antivirus that flourished in Indonesia. Avira itself is the best antivirus 2011 and has many functions and uses of no less dengna other antivirus. Currently avira Avira merlisi version 10 some excess free Avira 10 as follows:

In the latest Avira have the ability to protect the virus based on the behavior of files / viruses with Antivir Proactiv but this capability is only found in premium and professional versions. With the ability to increase capacity to 100 million in improvements that include General Repair registry data and files that are infected Express Installation, transparent user interface, and information downloaded viruses with features one-click removal.

With the functions of the newest, latest avira has an important role in protecting the new viruses on the computer, so for those of you who are interested to download the latest avira 2011, please click here, free avira antivirus free alias could have used in their computer each with an update - the latest avira. Hopefully useful and safe to download the latest avira 2011.

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