Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Download the latest flock 2011

Flock Browser is a browser application as well as the Firefox browser, this application also includes one of the newest product from Mozilla. Application Browser Flock is a browser that has the advantage of my level with rival Firefox.
Flock Browser is designed to be able to have a full load speed and good toughness. Flock Browser application has a motto of "Social Web Browser ", so that will make it easier for those who are accustomed to surfing do a wide range of existing social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Here are some of Flock Browser keunggulana, among others:

     Allows you to upload photos to a variety of popular services, such as Flicker, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Digg, etc.
     It automatically connects you to over 20 of your favorite online service.
     Services to update the status directly without having to open the site in question (before, you must login.) You can also directly find out the status of your friends
     Media Bar lets you find photos and videos on your favorite sites easily and quickly
     Live Post allows you to do a post on your blog without going to a blog site, because these applications support APIs
     Mail Update allows you to update mail on the menu that you use webmail.

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